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The shortest month of the year is packed with fun! Every day in February

Winter Bonus Slot Tourney!

Feb 1st - Mar 5th

Qualify in February for our Winter Bonus Slot Tourney that will be held March 5th!

Starting February 1, Camas Club members can get a free entry into a qualifying point challenge for a chance to win Reward Play. Earn up to two additional entries daily for every 500 points earned while playing your favorite games. Then on March 5, the top 12 players with the highest scores from the qualifying point challenge will compete in a final round for their share of $600 in Reward Play!

1. This promotion will run from February 1-29, 2020. Guests will play for a chance to win $300, $200 or $100 in reward play at the final tournament on March 5, 2020.

2. Open to all Camas Club members 21 years and older.

3. A slot tournament will take place daily. Camas Club members may get one entry into the tournament for the month. Camas Club members may receive an additional entry for every 500 points earned. Camas Club members will obtain the entry ticket from the Camas Club/Cage. Camas Club members may only receive 2 entries per day. Entries must be redeemed the day they are earned. Entry into the tournament will begin once the bank is set up by the Kalispel Casino supervisor. Camas Club members will have the option to pick a machine they’d like to play on from the tournament bank. Slot supervisors will accommodate accordingly and begin the tournament. Individual tournaments will last three minutes. At the end of the individual tournament, the score will be recorded on an internal spreadsheet. Camas Club members' scores will be recorded from February 1 thru February 29, with the top 12 individual Camas Club members' scores moving onto the final tournament on March 5. Camas Club members may qualify for 1 seat only in the top 12. A running tally will be posted on the information board located next to the Cage. This will be updated weekly.

4. The following prizes will be awarded to the top three winners and must be redeemed at the Camas Club the same day or will expire by Midnight:

  • 1st place- $300 in Reward Play 
  • 2nd Place- $200 in Reward Play 
  • 3rd Place- $100 in Reward Play

5. At the start of each session, each player will begin with 10,000 points. Play will begin when the official tournament timer signals play to start. All participants will then press the PLAY or MAX BET buttons and continue to do so as long as credits remain on the machine. Participants must actively participate by pressing these buttons. 

6. If any slot tournament information is completely lost due to machine malfunction, i.e., timer malfunction and/or credit meter malfunction, a Kalispel Casino slot supervisor will record points earned and time remaining (if possible) and re-set the tournament according to the information provided when said error occurred. If unable to gain any information, a new tournament will be provided for the guest.

7. In the event the participant leaves their machine before confirming their credits or before their credits are gone, the participant will be considered to have withdrawn and is eliminated from the session.

8. Winners must be present to claim their prizes. Valid photo ID and SSN required to claim prizes. All prizes are non-transferable. Winners are responsible for all applicable taxes on cash prizes.

9. Team Members of Kalispel Tribal Economic Authority, Kalispel Casino and Northern Quest Resort & Casino, as well as family members of Player Loyalty and Marketing, are not eligible to participate.

10.  We reserve the right to modify or cancel at any time and to exclude any individual from this contest at our sole discretion. Any dispute not covered by the above rules shall be resolved by the casino management and shall be final and binding.