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Christmas Cash Slot Tournaments Fill your stocking with extra cash this holiday season!

Christmas Cash Slot Tournaments

Dec 5th - Dec 19th

Fill your stocking with extra cash this holiday season!

Get what you really want on your wish list this year: cash! On December 5, 12, and 19, Camas Club members can compete in a Christmas Cash slot tournament for a total of $850 in cash prizes!

This promotion will run from December 5-19, 2019 and is open to all Camas Club members age 21 and older.

1. Every Thursday, December 5, 12 and 19, a slot tournament will take place every 10 minutes from 5-6:30pm for a maximum of 10 sessions (nine qualifying sessions, with one final session to determine the three cash winners).

2. A minimum of four and a maximum of 12 players are required per session. Beginning at 9am each tournament day, Camas Club members may get one free entry into the tournament and earn additional entries for every 300 points earned. Entry into the tournament will be based on availability, first come first serve. A sign-up sheet will be kept at the Camas Club from 9am-5pm each tournament day. Camas Club members may sign up for a session time prior to the start of the tournament. At 4:45pm, the sign-up sheet will be moved to the tournament bank. Members who haven’t played in a tournament session that day will have priority over those who have earned extra tickets. Extra entries must be used the day they are earned and will not roll over to other tournament days. Therefore, a player may earn more entries than spots available. If this should occur, these entries will no longer be valid.

3. Each session will have a playing time of two (2) minutes. The top score from each session will move onto the final session (giving us nine players). Three wild card winners will be chosen at the end of session nine (from entries received), to play in the final session (giving us 12 players). If a name is chosen from the barrel that already has a spot in the final session, then another name will be chosen. The wild card winners will have three minutes to claim their prize. If winners do not claim, another name will be called.

4. The final session of the tournament each week will pay the top three scores as follows and will be paid out at the end of the tournament at the Security Booth. 1st place-$400, 2nd place-$300, 3rd place-$150, for a total of $850 in cash prizes. In the event of a tie, the prize will be equally split.

5. At the start of each session every player will begin with 10,000 points. Play will begin when the Official Tournament Timer signals the session to begin. All participants will start play by pressing the Play or Max Bet button and continue to do so as long as credits remain on the machine. Participants must actively participate by continuing to press these buttons.

6. If any slot tournament information is completely lost due to machine malfunction, i.e., timer malfunction and/or credit meter malfunction, and there are no remaining back-up machines which can be used, the player will be allowed to participate in the next available session with the full amount of the playing time of two (2) minutes. If a malfunction occurs during the final round, that player will be allowed to play their own session for the full two-minute playing time. The score achieved during this session will be the score registered for that player.

7. In the event the participant leaves their machine before confirming their credits or before their credits are gone, the participant will be considered to have withdrawn and is eliminated from the session.

8. Winners must be present to claim their prizes. Valid photo ID and SSN required to claim prizes. All prizes are non-transferable. Winners are responsible for all applicable taxes on cash prizes.

9. Team Members of Kalispel Tribal Economic Authority, Kalispel Casino and Northern Quest Resort & Casino as well as family members of Player Loyalty and Marketing, are not eligible to participate.

10. We reserve the right to modify or cancel at any time and to exclude any individual from this contest at our sole discretion. Any dispute not covered by the above rules shall be resolved by the casino management and shall be final and binding.