Poker Tournaments

First & Third Tuesdays / 6pm

Bring your friends, find Lady Luck, and go all-in on the poker night fun.

Poker Tournament Dates
July 18
August 1 & 15 - Plus, an added tournament on August 29!
September 5 & 19
October 10 - Finale

Sign-up begins at 5pm on the day of the tournament with a $25 buy-in (8,000 in chips) and an optional $5 staff appreciation (2,000 in chips). Tournament play is limited to 20 players with alternates and re-entries taken until the end of the first break.

Payout structure: 1-9 players, winner take all. 10+ players, top 10% plus one place.

The top three players of each tournament will also receive Reward Play prizes of $40, $30, and $20, respectively, and will be invited to the Poker Tournament Finale on October 10, 2023.

Only at the end of round three do players have the option to surrender their chip stack and purchase a fresh full buy-in.

Blind structure: 15-minute rounds. Breaks are taken after every fourth round (10-minute break).


  1. Must be a Camas Club member to play in any tournament.
  2. Tournament structure to be determined by Kalispel Casino management and posted for players.
  3. Kalispel Casino management reserves the right to change, alter, or discontinue any tournament at any time, for any reason. Tournaments may not run during holidays and special events.